Posted on May 29, 2018

Guerin Green

Okay... I'm kinda blown away by VidFactory*

I know, I know.

There has been an avalanche of video makers lately. is different.

*ICYMI earlier - it's going up in price in a few hours*

It's really about re-purposing videos for your needs, as opposed to
"creating them."

And it has one killer short-cut.

It will do a keyword search of Pixabay. And then import it ( you can do the
same with YouTube, but then you have to worry about licensing).

And then loop it, turn it into a video meme, an ad, a gif...

All pretty damn useful.

What I just did was convert a web page to video with Lumen, and repurposed
it as an ad in Vidfactory. About five minutes, tops.

This could be a great Swiss army knife for video, or a creative jump starter.

Like it. A lot really.

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